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FivePoint Unveils Groundbreaking Proposal for Newhall Ranch That Achieves Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Pioneering “Net Zero Newhall” initiative incorporates sweeping sustainability measures to fight climate change and protect natural resources, while delivering a major economic boost to the Santa Clarita Valley and Southern California

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What is “Net Zero Newhall”?
“Net Zero Newhall” is an unprecedented commitment by FivePoint to make Newhall Ranch the most environmentally sustainable master-planned community in California, if not the United States. The planned community will advance the State of California’s ambitious fight against climate change by achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously creating thousands of jobs and enormous economic activity in the Santa Clarita Valley, along with providing critically needed new housing and protecting open space. We believe this community will become a new model for living and working sustainably in California.
2What will Newhall Ranch include?
Newhall Ranch is a master planned community that will build on the celebrated legacy of neighboring Valencia, an award-winning master-planned community created by the same local developer. At completion, Newhall Ranch will add 60,000 permanent new jobs through the creation of 11.5 million square feet of job generating uses. Newhall Ranch will also provide 21,500 homes in a variety of prices and sizes, including affordable housing, and incorporate comprehensive measures to conserve water and protect open space, including 50 miles of new trails. Newhall Ranch will also include a range of community resources to serve residents and businesses, including seven new public schools, four fire stations, and a variety of parks and recreation centers.
3How can you build and operate this community without increasing greenhouse gas emissions?
FivePoint, the developer of Newhall Ranch, will achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions at Newhall Ranch in three steps. First, we have used innovative design and renewable energy strategies to dramatically reduce emissions from homes and commercial buildings, and from project-related vehicle use and construction. Second, we will implement specific measures in L.A. County to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including strategically installing electric vehicle charging stations within the community and implementing energy efficiency upgrades within disadvantaged communities. And third, FivePoint will fund activities that will directly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases elsewhere in California and throughout the world, such as forest preservation, methane capture at dairy farms, and clean cook stoves.
4Can you provide some background on some of the sustainability measures that are included in Net Zero Newhall?
Newhall Ranch will feature a variety of on-site and off-site green innovations that raise the bar for sustainability in California and around the nation. The majority of our investment in greenhouse gas mitigation will take place on the Newhall Ranch property. Some examples of the greenhouse gas mitigation include:
  • Designing homes, commercial buildings and public spaces to meet Zero Net Energy standards within Newhall Ranch by including energy efficient measures and renewable energy generation, such as solar panels;
  • Electric vehicle charging stations in every home (up to 21,500), as well as 2,000 charging stations in commercial areas around Newhall Ranch and 2,000 additional charging stations in strategic locations across L.A. County;
  • Financial subsidies for purchasing zero emission vehicles and neighborhood electric vehicles;
  • Car-share and bike-share programs;
  • Transit subsidies for employees and residents of affordable housing units;
  • A tech-enabled mobility platform to help residents and employees access transportation information and transit options.
  • An electric school bus program;
  • And much more.
5Can you provide some details of the greenhouse gas reduction programs you are planning to implement outside of Newhall Ranch?
In addition to the onsite greenhouse gas reduction commitments mentioned above, FivePoint will implement specific measures in L.A. County to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including energy efficient upgrades for schools and public buildings in disadvantaged communities in L.A. County, and 2,000 electric vehicle charging stations in strategic locations throughout L.A. County, such as highly trafficked commercial areas. Further, FivePoint will fund activities that directly reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases elsewhere in California and throughout the world. Examples of such programs include:
  • California forest preservation;
  • A methane capture and destruction program at dairy farms in California;
  • An innovative clean cook stove program in Sub-Saharan Africa to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of families, and fight deforestation.
6How much of Newhall Ranch will be protected as open space?
Two-thirds of Newhall Ranch, approximately 10,000 acres, will remain protected natural open space, including a protected High Country area larger than L.A.’s Griffith Park and New York’s Central Park — combined. FivePoint will invest $13 million into an endowment to protect, manage and enhance this natural open space, its wildlife and habitats in perpetuity. In addition, there will be 11 neighborhood and community parks totaling 275 acres along with approximately 50 miles of new trails open to the public.
7What financial impact will the community have on the Santa Clarita Valley?
Newhall Ranch is expected at full buildout to bring in billions of dollars of investment and tax revenue to the Santa Clarita Valley. At full buildout, Newhall Ranch is projected to generate 60,000 jobs, $388 million in annual property taxes and $410 million in annual income taxes. In total, the investment to develop Newhall Ranch will top $12 billion. Even beyond that, we expect that Net Zero Newhall can serve as a major catalyst for 21st century sustainable industries, such as clean energy and electric vehicles, strengthening and diversifying the Santa Clarita Valley economy.
8Why is new housing important for the Santa Clarita Valley?
The Santa Clarita Valley has become an important economic center within Los Angeles County, with 3,000 new jobs created in 2015 alone. As the local economy continues to grow and diversify, we will need new homes in a variety of sizes and price points to accommodate families and support this expanding economy. This is especially important considering the severe housing crisis in Los Angeles County and California generally. According to a study by Beacon Economics, California ranked “49th in homeownership rates among states, with less than 54 percent occupied by their owner.” The study also found that the low rate of home construction given population growth in California was making the problem worse.
9Does Newhall Ranch include affordable housing?
Yes. In all, 10% of the housing units in Newhall Ranch will be designated affordable housing for very low, low and moderate-income residents. Also, Newhall Ranch will incorporate a full range of housing options at a variety of sizes and price points to help address workforce housing needs. In addition, families living in the affordable housing units will be eligible to receive subsidies for transit use, as well as our car-share and bike-share programs.
10How will you encourage residents to use Metrolink and other public transit?
The Newhall Ranch community will be served by a comprehensive tech-enabled mobility platform that will allow residents and employees to access transportation-related information and services via their phones, computers, and other personal devices. In addition, Net Zero Newhall will include financial subsidies for residents to participate in car- and bike-sharing programs, and financial subsidies for public transit will be offered to residents in affordable housing and for Newhall Ranch employees. Finally, FivePoint will provide funding for electric school buses to serve the residents of Newhall Ranch, as well as offering financial subsidies for public transportation to convert to electric buses.
11How will Newhall Ranch promote water conservation?
Newhall Ranch will include numerous advanced water conservation measures, including the use of reclaimed water for irrigation, drought-tolerant landscaping, smart irrigation to minimize runoff, storm water capture systems, and a dedicated water reclamation plant capable of recycling millions of gallons per day.
12How long will construction take, and when will it begin?
Newhall Ranch is a complex, multiphase project which will be implemented over a number of years. We hope to begin construction by the end of 2018.
13What’s the public process to approve Newhall Ranch?
Following the introduction of our Net Zero Newhall proposal in response to the recent decision by the California Supreme Court, we are now seeking re-approval from officials at the State and L.A. County levels only on two topics regarding the project's greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding harm to the endangered unarmored threespine stickleback fish.
14Who is FivePoint, the developer of Newhall Ranch?
FivePoint is the parent company of Newhall Ranch, and the largest owner and developer of mixed-use master planned communities in coastal California. Harnessing the resources and expertise of FivePoint will enable Newhall Ranch to follow through on the incredibly ambitious commitment we have made to be the most environmentally sustainable master planned community in California, if not the nation, while building on the celebrated legacy of neighboring Valencia.

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