A National Model for Sustainability

Newhall Ranch will set a new standard for sustainability through a comprehensive array of green innovations onsite and within L.A. County, as well as funding direct emissions reduction activities locally, in California, and around the world. From green buildings that encourage energy efficiency to a robust transportation management program, Newhall Ranch will create a model for living and working sustainably in California.

Upholding Green Building & Design Standards

  • Innovative energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation (e.g., solar power) to design homes, commercial buildings and public facilities to meet Zero Net Energy standards within Newhall Ranch.
  • State-of-the-art energy-efficient designs, including solar panels and solar water heating.
  • All net greenhouse gas emissions from the project and its construction will be reduced or mitigated to zero.

Encouraging Sustainable Commuting

  • Carshare and bikeshare programs.
  • Subsidies for neighborhood electric vehicle purchases.
  • Thousands of jobs created close to housing and shared workspaces.
  • Investments to electrify buses, locally and regionally.

Preserving Natural Resources

  • 10,000 acres of dedicated open space, including an uninterrupted High Country area larger than Griffith Park and New York’s Central Park combined.
  • 50 miles of trails.
  • State-of-the art water conservation measures, using reclaimed water for irrigation, drought-tolerant landscaping, and a water reclamation plant capable of recycling millions of gallons per day.
  • $13 million endowment to protect and enhance natural open space, wildlife and habitats in perpetuity.

Promoting Electric Vehicle Use

  • An electric vehicle charging station in every home.
  • 2,000 electric vehicle charging stations in Newhall Ranch commercial and community areas, with 2,000 additional offsite charging stations in strategic L.A. County locations.
  • Subsidies for converting public transit buses to electric buses.
  • Electric school bus program within Newhall Ranch.

Expanding Green Access

  • Energy efficiency retrofits in disadvantaged communities.
  • Rideshare subsidies for affordable housing residents.
  • Transit subsidies for affordable housing residents and local employees.

Investing in Climate Action

  • In addition to comprehensive sustainability measures within the Newhall Ranch community, FivePoint will make investments to implement programs that directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere in L.A. County, California and around the world. Click here to learn how.